Big Lake Volunteer Fire Rescue

Join Us For Our Summer Open House & Fundraiser!

Firehall Classics Presents

Big Lake Volunteer Fire Rescue Community OPENHOUSE & Fundraiser

All are welcome!

Sunday, JULY 30th from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm (so after church 😉)

We are launching our new fundraising sauces and have fun things lined up:

The Tastiest Fundraiser You'll Attend This Year!

Pickup Your 3 Pack of Our Delicious Sauces!

But, Don't Take Our Word For It - Come & Sample Them For Yourself

Arrive early to savor our mouthwatering barbecued samplers, specially prepared to mark this milestone. Indulge in the delectable flavors while supporting our dedicated firefighters and their essential work. This exclusive sauce collection is a tasty way to show your support and take home a piece of our community.

We’ll be cooking up a delightful selection of tasty morsels for you to test out! Have a look at what will be available…

You Make All The Difference!

Community Support is Invaluable!

Maintaining a fully functional fire department is expensive. The Big Lake Volunteer Fire Department relies on community funding and grants for equipment and training. They require costly fire apparatus, specialized gear, and extensive training to handle emergencies safely and efficiently. However, insufficient funding leads to outdated equipment and limited training opportunities, putting both firefighters and the community at risk.

A well-equipped fire department benefits residents and surrounding areas. Insurance providers often offer discounts on home insurance premiums for communities with reliable fire departments.

Supporting the fundraising efforts of your local fire department contributes to the safety of your loved ones, volunteer firefighters, and the community. Understanding the financial challenges faced by the Big Lake Volunteer Fire Department and spreading awareness is vital. Consider supporting their fundraising initiatives, spreading the word, or even joining your local volunteer fire department. Together, we can ensure the fire department has the necessary resources to keep the community safe.


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