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Flavourful Fundraising

Welcome to Firehall Classics Gourmet, where exceptional gourmet products meet our commitment to supporting firefighters and the communities they serve. Our mission is simple: to provide delicious food products while addressing the critical funding needs of volunteer fire departments.

We understand the importance of equipping and training our dedicated volunteers. That’s why all the net proceeds from our sales directly benefit the fire departments featured on our packaging. By choosing our products, you not only savor delightful flavors but also contribute to the safety and well-being of the firefighters in your community. This in turn helps them to serve you better!

Our seasonal offerings, including our signature hot sauce, BBQ sauce, and marinades, are kettle cooked in small batches with meticulous attention to detail. Each item is crafted to ensure the highest quality in every bite. Our products are made in a government inspected facility without preservatives.

Join us in making a difference by supporting our communities and firefighters through the enjoyment of our delicious products. Together, we can create a safer future.

Mark Wilkie, Founder

Mark has 36 years as a food industry professional working as a chef, business owner, manufacturer and gourmet food product developer. Mark serves as a volunteer firefighter at the Big Lake Volunteer Fire Rescue in Big Lake Ranch BC. ¬†Mark’s dual role has inspired a unique approach to raising funds and addressing the funding needs of volunteer fire departments. Mark hopes that his culinary experience along with his heartfelt commitment to supporting community firefighters helps to create safer working environments and safer communities.¬†

Mark Wilkie

Firefighter & Founder

Firehall Classics is Helping Volunteer Fire Departments Across Canada to Raise Funds With Flavourful Gourmet Sauces &Seasonings!
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